Critical & Creative
Thinking for higher education

Critical Thinking and Creative Thinking are the most practical subjects - in personal as well as professional life. Students love those faculty members who are visible with Critical Thinking and Creative Thinking - live in the classroom. Ask a student after ten years, and he/she remembers all such incidents, and those teachers!

At the same time, try to attend an ordinary Faculty Development Program (FDP) of Critical Thinking. These programs frustrate you with logical theories and philosophies that you will be never able to digest - forget about you practicing it spontaneously in the classroom.

India's economical survival and international standing clinge on the critical and creative thinking abilities of its population - especailly the ones with the privilage of higher education.

Therefore NEP 2020 demands every faculty member to be excellent in Critical & Creative Thinking so that their spontaneuity will mesmerise their students and will enage and inspire them.

Lots to Hots:
Bloom's Taxonomy & Indian Students

There are thousands of Faculty Development Programs (FDPs) on Bloom's Taxonomy. They explain "WHAT" is Bloom's Taxonomy. But, none of them suggests a fool-proof method that will take Indian students from Lower Order Thinking (LOT) to Higher Order Thinking (HOT).

This program is all about "HOW" part of it. How can we raise Indian students from "Remembering" or mugging-up level to "Evaluate" or "create" level.

This Faculty Development Program is customisable.
1. Condensed Program: Six hours - Online.
First day: 2 Hours.
Second day: 1 hr. 30 minutes.
Third day: 2 Hours.

2. Immersive Program: With projects and other activities: Two full days.

To do justice to the profession, every faculty member should ahve thorough knowledge of how students can be taken up to the Higher Order Thinking.