i-Max stands for “India to the Max! Through You!” India can attain its true potential only through the efforts of each one of us.

For many people, NEP 2020, NAAC, NIRF etc mean re-tabulating the old data in new creative ways.

However, what the acceditation team look for is the “Genuine Quality Improvement” behind the data presented. Quality can be improved only through change in approaches.

i-Max provides the quality backbone that is envisaged by NEP 2020, and Outcome Based Education (OBE).  It is the research-based practical solution for the qualitative challenges faced by Indian higher educational system. It is a unique self-learning platform that runs parallel to the traditional academic curriculum – with minimal faculty intervention.

It is an effective tool for the institution from the first day of the first year (induction of the students), to the final day of the final year (placement, start-up formation etc.)

Right from the induction, it supplements the students with  not only the knowledge and skills that are demanded by the industry and society, but also the inspiration and motivation to reach their best potential.

i-Max is available for all important specialisations of engineering, technology, management, applied science, and liberal arts.

i-Max is created with a harsh realisation: Only if the educational content can compete with the excitement of social media and win that battle, it can snatch the students’ attention.

Therefore, i-Max  is specifically developed for Indian students – after detailed ethnographic studies about their background, learning preparedness, and cognitive abilities. Indian students come from very unique backgrounds and their learning requirements are very different. They need different approaches and tools.

i-Max is the result of the realisation that blind adoption of foreign approaches and methods doesn’t work on Indian students. i-Max borrowed the essense of over eighteen latest learning theories and blended it with advanced AI, and Multimedia technologies.

Therefore, i-Max focusses on the fundamentals. And, this focus has tranformed into over 100 learning modules! For example, i-Max has developed unique ways of raising students through the levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy – from LOT (Lower Order thinking) to HOT (Higher Order Thinking.)

1.Software: i-Max platform is a one-time purchase, and there are no recurring cost for the institution. The perpetual licence is issued for any number of students, any number of attempts, and for any duration. (While procuring the institute can decide on the number of students to use it at any given time.)

2. Hardware: ​i-Max is to be installed on a local server and students can access it through their computer labs, or through their own laptops through campus-wide Wi-Fi system.   

3. Administration: i-Max runs parallel to the academics with the least intervention by the faculty members. Authorised persons and mentors can access the information at any given time from the dashboard.

As i-Max expands with the vision of the institution, the management of the institution can decide on the extent in which i-Max is to be implemented. (Details provided below)

i-Max needs 5G connectivity for operating online. As of now, such bandwidth is not available in most of the areas. The need for 5G arises because i-Max includes world’s first & only professional interview simulator, professional Interview Trainer, Critical Thinking Extempore Speaking Simulator etc. When 5G becomes popular, and the new platform is ready, institution can migrate to online without any additional cost.

i-Max has over twenty “World’s First & Only” Innovations.

These innovations are the logical conclusions of the need-analysis, and the realisation of the challenges faced by Indian students, and the determination to develop sustainable solutions.

Some of the key innovations are listed below. (For details, download the brochure.)

  1. Most students do not have the comprehension ability to succeed in higher education. Therefore we developed “Smart English through Technology & Science“. (Highly interactive, blended learning system to build the ablity for comprehension.
  2. Most students lack the ability to deduce information from textbooks and from the society. Therefore, we developed “Critical & Creative Thinking” for each specialisation.
  3. Most interviewers believe the spontaneous, extempore response of a student is the clear indication of his/her personality. It is a crucial step in anybody’s future. Sadly, there is no opportunity in the current system to practice it. Therefore, we developed  “Professional Interview / Viva-voce Simulator.” Here students can attempt any number of realistic interviews / viva-voce examinations before the real interview / viva voce examinations – in private! (i-Max has the largest repository of Interview Questions in video format.)
  4. “Speaking” is the ultimate and most superior human behaviour. Speaking reflects personality. All over the world, all major educational institutions give importance to speaking. But in our system, it is very rare. Therefore, we developed “Professional Interview Trainer.” here students can practice rea interviews any number of times. Interviews don’t repeat.
  5. Critical Thinking and Questioning can be analysed only when the student involve in Extempore Speaking. Therefore, we developed the “Communication Simulator”. Here students can face real life sitatuations at random or through a designated theme. 

Similarly, there are over 100 unique modules to meet Indian students’ specific requirements.

Institutions face higher levels of competition – from everywhere. It is crucial for each institute to differentiate in meaningful and convincing ways. i-Max platform empowers institutions to succeed. i-Max offers:  

  1. Cost Benefits: As i-Max provides everything – from communication training to placement & start-up training, with the level of quality that top-level institutions only can afford, without exteranl dependancies. 
  2. Quality Benefits: Wherever your institution is situated, you will be able to offer the best quality uniform training and skill building.
  3. Reputation: As i-Max is based on cognitive educational psychology and learning by doing, each student mentally grows and his/her growth is visible to everyone around. That multiplies your reputation.
  4. Self-Discipline: With i-Max, the onus of becoming valuable is on the student. With the “Placement Passport” system, students get involved in adding to their account from the first year. 
  5. Placement: With i-Max, students get the idea of industry and the world of work beyond academics. With the implementation of “Placement Passport” system, institute can make students more accountable and the process will be transparent and fool-proof.
  6. Start-Up: Instead of copying someone’s idea, with i-Max, students will learn how to find problems, derive solutions and transform those solutions to a viable start-up.

​As we know the complete employment scenario has gone through changes. Artificial Intelligence, and Automation has taken away most of the jobs where human descretion is not a job element. 

Therefore employability skills are not the ability to pass certain employability tests. 

“Being Employable” means “Becoming Valuable”.  “Remaining Employable” means “Attaining the Habit of Lifelong Learning” to counter the changes happening in economy, industry or the social structure.

Such abilities are not built overnight. It is a practice to be nurtured from the first year.

i-Max system ensures that students attempt skill building modules from the first year and add to their credit. Once they complete all modules during the tenure of the course, they get the “Placement Passport” and the Certificate.

i-Max platform can be procured in three different ways:

  1. From ITI Limited (A Govt. of India Enterprice).
  2. From GeM website. (Goverment eMarketplace.)
  3. From the company Espoir Technologies or from Its Partners.