i-Max: The ONLY Platformfor the QualitativeImplementation of NEP2020

NEP 2020 demands Qualitative Improvement – Not Quantitative. Visionary Educationalists, Patriots and Nation Builders have reiterated this. i-Max is created to meet that crucial need – to engage and inspire students of each specialisation, and transform them to the future leaders, who can make our Motherland a Super Power again. In that way, i-Max makes each student Highly Valuable & Enviably Employable!

i-Max NEP 2020 also includes “360-Degree Career Development Centre” for all major specialisations!


i-Max for NEP 2020: Because Indian Students Need India-Specific Approaches to Become the World's Best!

To Raise through the Levels of Bloom's Taxonomy!

When 94% of the students are stuck with “Remembering” and only 0.8% possess Higher Order Skills, how can our country become a superpower? How will our youth feel confident? Look around; only i-Max has a clear scientific plan and tools to raise our students from LOT to HOT – in each specialisation. Exactly in line with NEP 2020!

To Become Excellent in Critical & Creative Thinking!

Critical & Creative Thinking are “literacy” for Higher Education. Without them, how a new concept can be understood, or invented? When we fail to imbibe it and practice it on campus, we produce “Illiterate” degree holders, who can only increase our servitude. Therefore, i-Max : the only practical way for Indian students to learn critical & creative thinking!

To be Good Investigators before Becoming Great Researchers!

Wikipedia has a page, “List of Inventors”. How many Indians are there? Why don’t we invent? Why is the majority of our research of no consequences? Why does our system not build the “Mental Infrastructure” or “cognitive Rigor” that creates the research that can save the country from dependencies? i-Max, in line with NEP 2020, provides sustainable solution.

To be Good Problem Finders before Becoming Great Start-Up Founders!

Indians live in the midst of probems – and don’t even realise the problems. But most consumer solutions for those problems come from China. Why? Why can’t our system teach us to identify our problems, analyse our problems, find our own solutions and convert those solutions into viable start-ups? i-Max helps students find problems, and build great start-ups.

i-Max NEP 2020: For All Specialisations - Right From Induction to Placement & Start-Up! (Click the Button)

There are over twenty World’s First & Only Innovations in i-Max. Why? Indian students come from very different backgrounds. Their requirements are very different compared to their foreign counterparts. Indian students need India-specific approaches and tools to excel. (i-Max is the result of the largest ever ethnographic study conducted on Indian Higher and Professional education – soon to be published.)

i-Max: The ONLY Way to Climb Up through Bloom's Taxonomy!

ONLY i-Max provides the approaches and tools for Indian Students to attain higher levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy!

How to Reach the “Comprehension” Level? 
Over 20 Approaches & Tools.
How to Reach the “Apply” Level?
Over 16 Approaches & Tools.
How to Reach the “Analyse” Level?
Over 12 Approaches & Tools.
How to Reach the “Evaluate” Level?
Over 30 Modules.
How to Reach the “Create” Level? 
Over 30 Learning Modules.

i-Max: Because NEP2020 is Not About Counting the Past,But AboutBuilding the Future!

There is a battle for supremacy in every students’ mind – between Engineering lessons and WhatsApp / Instagram. The lessons must beat social media apps in providing value, hope & excitement. i-Max realises that.



Building Language for Comprehension!

One size doesn’t fit all – especially in education. i-Max programs are personalisable so that they are effective, efficient and fun.


Building Critical & Creative thinking Skills!

Students quickly identify old, failed methods and refuse to try them again. i-Max is an original innovation that engages and inspires them.


Building Idea Exposure & Developing World View!

Everything cannot be counted or measured. Most crucial decisions are taken based on qualitative analysis, not quantitative.


Building Graduate Attributes to Challenge the World!

i-Max is designed to impart transformative experience along with academics. It requires innovative technologies and i-Max is the first to adopt them.


Orientation & Inspiration


Instilling Industry Wisdom


i-Max: Because Campus Has Become the Classroom!

Institutions can have full control over all extra-academic functions they need to do – right from the orientation of new students to the training for employability – tests and job interviews – All available to them 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.

Motivation & Self-Regulation


Mock Interviews & Tests


Innovation & Start-Up Training


Own Your Future


Workbook for Second & Third Year Students


Own Your Future


Workbook for First-Year Students


i-Max: Because the True Learning isMultiSensory!

There is a lot of life off-screen. A pencil, a questionnaire and a workbook can build the cognitive, affective and psychomotor skills envisaged in Bloom’s Taxonomy. These books are customisable to institutional needs.


Own Your Future


Workbook for Final Year Students


Build Your Future

Workbook for Start-up & Entrepreneurship


Communication Companion


The language Proficiency to build 21st-century skills


i-Max: BecauseBharatMataDeserves Better!

Engineering is a professional discipline. However, in India, it is treated as a research-oriented academic discipline. No wonder, the students who come out of such a system will never have the professional concepts of cost, quality and delivery. Without that they can’t perform the core engineering function – problem identifying and solving. I contribute to i-Max because I want to do whatever I can about this for my country. If I don’t do, who will do?


Infosys Technologies


For the past eighteen years, I am part of the engineer’s selection process. It is shocking that most graduates don’t have a deep interest in even one of the subjects they study during engineering. Out of about fifty subjects, they study for four years, they could not find even one subject interesting! They can’t commit to and become specialist even in one subject! Then, how can they add value, or expect others to value them? I contribute to i-Max because it is the only movement I see in this direction to save our country.


Tata Motors

I own a small-scale industry. Our engineering education system ditches small / medium industries even though we employ almost 98% of engineering graduates. Do we have the money power to infinitely train engineers, or try various engineers, or try luck with engineers? The salary we pay is squeezed out of our blood. We need engineers who do the work from day one – without supervision.  Now, each engineering graduate makes me sad and frustrated. We must change this – for the country’s sake. Therefore I contribute to i-Max.


Pithampur, Dhar, Madhya Pradesh


i-Max: India to the Max! The future of India lies in its ability for self-sustenance. Self-sustenance can’t happen by exporting raw materials and importing finished goods. It happens only when Indians conceive and develop finished products in India. i-Max is a movement to strengthen the concept of real engineering in the Indian engineering educational System – by working at its fundamentals.


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