i-Max: For the Qualitative Implementation of OBE, NEP2020 & IKS - with AI!

Throughout in his 1994-book “Outcome Based Education – Crucial Issues & Answers“, William G. Spady, the father of OBE, trumpets an important message – “You must build quality, before venturing into the attainment calculations”.

Or, in other words, “Before creating, what are we measuring?”. Therefore, it is essential to focus on methods that lead to “genuine” outcomes, before taking out calculators. To ensure meaningful and impactful outcomes, institutions must invest in robust tools that emphasize the depth and integrity of “meaningful, relevant” knowledge acquisition, preventing quantitative assessments from overshadowing educational substance. i-Max is the only platform that helps build all the qualitative requirements of OBE.


i-Max with the Power of AI: Because Indian Students Need India-Specific Approaches to Become the World's Best!

Bloom's OBE Lab: Holistic Education & Career Development

From induction to placement, i-Max: Bloom’s OBE Lab builds the higher values envisaged by NEP-2020, & demanded by every stakeholder. You can build a signature style, and unique character for your institution  – through the power  of AI!

i-Max: Vigyana. AI & Critical Thinking for High-Impact Research

High impact research originates from higher order thinking. i-Max Vigyana is the only platform that is tailored for Indian scholars to build the ability to investigate & research real problems for high-impact – through AI!

i-Max: Acharya. Pedagogical Excellence through AI

A smart class is the class where the teacher is smart. i-Max Acharya equips the teacher with the sharp pedagogical abilities to make even the most boring classes exciting  – with techniques powered by Generative AI!

i-Max: Samvardhana. Kindling Start Ups through AI & Design Thinking!

Why the intelligence of young Indians don’t translate into sustainable original start-ups that can solve India’s problems? Start-up mindset doesn’t come with a crash-course or business-plan contest. It must be cultivated. 

i-Max: Bloom's OBE Lab. For All Branches & Domain Specialisations!

“Indian students bring diverse backgrounds. They have unique, distinct needs, often unaware of the true potential of their chosen courses. To help them thrive, we must provide India-centric tools that builds a deep connection to their subject. i-Max Bloom’s OBE Lab guides students from induction to placement, nurturing comprehension, trust, and critical thinking – all tailored for India’s unique landscape.”

i-Max: Bloom’s OBE Lab is priceless because it takes pride for developing over fourteen World’s First & Only Innovations specifically for Indian students!

i-Max:Acharya. The Brilliance to Bring-Out Higher Brilliance!

New-Generation Faculty Development Platform. Because the Traditional Methods Fail to Support the Teacher to Face Today’s Challenges!

Based on Pan-India Ethnographic Survey Results, & Analysis!
Empowers teachers to build curiosity & excitement that beat social media!
Effectively Utlises the Power of Artificial Intelligence to Create Super-Teachers!
Critical & Creative Thinking to raise the level of classroom engagement!
Helps the teacher to become a nation builder as envisaged by NEP2020

i-Max: Vigyana. Artificial Intelligence for High-Impact Research. Without Plagiarism!

i-Max: Vigyana. The only platform that understands the challenges faced by Indian research scholars and offer sustainable solutions for success!


AI-Prompt Engineering for Custom Research!

Unlock innovation with prompt engineering tailored to your unique research needs. Experience unparalleled precision, tailored to every detail. With i-Max, your vision takes flight at record speed.


Critical & Creative Thinking for Originality!

Empower your research with the fusion of critical and creative thinking. Unearth groundbreaking insights, fueling unmatched originality. With i-Max, you’re not just investigating or researching; you’re revolutionizing.


Applied Research Methodology for Quick Results

Harness the power of research to pioneer innovation and invention. Dive deeper, think broader, and transform every challenge into an opportunity. With i-Max, every research journey culminates in groundbreaking discovery.


The Power of Generative AI to Spread Your Wings!

Unleash the power of generative AI and watch your ideas soar to new heights. Elevate your vision, redefine possibilities, and spread your wings wider than ever. With us, the sky isn’t the limit; it’s just the beginning.

Passion in the Subject Discipline.


Developing Inter-Disciplinary Knowledge.


i-Max: Samvardhana: Because Students Must Get Their Own Ideas!

i-Max: Samvardhana helps students raise the levels on Bloom’s Taxonomy to become creators of their own organisations! 

Empathy towards Societal Sufferings


Imbibing Design Thinking


Innovation & Start-Up Training


Generative AI for Mechanical Engineering

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Generative AI for Electrical Engineering

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The combined demographic divident is the competitiveness of the country. And, only education can build that campetitiveness. i-Max helps build it through publications in the contemporary topics. Contact us for a full list of publications.

Generative AI for Petroleum Engineering

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Generative AI for Chemical Engineering

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Generative AI for Textile Engineering

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i-Max: BecauseBharatMataDeserves Better!

Engineering is a professional discipline. However, in India, it is treated as a research-oriented academic discipline. No wonder, the students who come out of such a system will never have the professional concepts of cost, quality and delivery. Without that they can’t perform the core engineering function – problem identifying and solving. I contribute to i-Max because I want to do whatever I can about this for my country. If I don’t do, who will do?


Infosys Technologies


For the past eighteen years, I am part of the engineer’s selection process. It is shocking that most graduates don’t have a deep interest in even one of the subjects they study during engineering. Out of about fifty subjects, they study for four years, they could not find even one subject interesting! They can’t commit to and become specialist even in one subject! Then, how can they add value, or expect others to value them? I contribute to i-Max because it is the only movement I see in this direction to save our country.


Tata Motors

I own a small-scale industry. Our engineering education system ditches small / medium industries even though we employ almost 98% of engineering graduates. Do we have the money power to infinitely train engineers, or try various engineers, or try luck with engineers? The salary we pay is squeezed out of our blood. We need engineers who do the work from day one – without supervision.  Now, each engineering graduate makes me sad and frustrated. We must change this – for the country’s sake. Therefore I contribute to i-Max.


Pithampur, Dhar, Madhya Pradesh


i-Max: Because "Employability" means"Becoming Valuable!" Even Great Research is a Result of Great Employability!

i-Max: India to the Max! The future of India lies in its ability for self-sustenance. Self-sustenance can’t happen by exporting raw materials and importing finished goods. It happens only when Indians conceive and develop finished products in India. i-Max is a movement to strengthen the concept of real engineering in the Indian engineering educational System – by working at its fundamentals.


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