i-Max: Acharya. AI-based, Holistic Faculty Development Platform for the New Generation of Students & Teachers – in Line with OBE & NEP2020!

Why i-Max: Acharya?

All over the world, Teachers are competing with Instagrams, & WhatsApps to capture students’ attention. Attention span is receding, and the faith in education is diminishing! Many believe sitting in a classroom is a wastage of time! We need to overcome this. Therefore, i-Max:Acharya!

Challenges don’t end there! Most of the subject matter is available online – in various exciting formats. The regulations like ABC give students multiple options – even to choose their teachers, from far away colleges!

Sadly, the methodologies of the traditional Faculty Development Programs (FDPs) don’t support the helpless teacher. These programs are grossly inadequate to ensure teachers’ success in today’s classrooms. Above all they don’t help meet social or national expectations.

A recent pan-India ethnographic survey revealed that 100% of the Indian teachers have the subject-knowledge to deliver classes. What they need to imbibe is pedagogical excellence. Therefore, i-Max Acharya.

How is i-Max:Acharya Delivered?

i-Max:Acharya is the First & Only India-Specific Faculty Development Platform – based on the root-cause analysis of the challenges teachers face – every day!

From Wit & Wisdom to ChatGPT, From Prashnopanishad to Critical & Creative Thinking, i-Max Acharya blends the Essence of Ancient Indian Educational System, Modern Learning Theories, Domain Specialisations, and Advanced Technologies.

i-Max:Acharya is delivered through campus wide LAN or Wi-Fi network. Every faculty member or the teacher in the training program can have his/her credentials for accessing i-Max:Acharya.

i-Max:Acharya is designed to equip the teacher with all abilities that an uncertain world ask for. Because, A “Smart Class” is the Class where the Teacher is Smart!

The i-Max:Acharya Differentiator

“Acharya poorva roopam,
Antevasi uttara roopam.”
– Chandogya Upanishad, a part of the Sama Veda

This verse translates to:
“The teacher is the prior form, the student is the latter form.”

This verse presents the teacher-student relationship as a continuum, suggesting that students are the continuation of their teachers.

In other words, it signifies that the knowledge, values, and wisdom teachers impart to their students persist and propagate long after they’re gone, embodying a form of immortality through their students.

This ideal of Chandogya Upanishad is the bedrock on which i-Max Acharya is built – through deep research of over a decade, The same ideal leads to the i-Max Acharya motto:
“The Brilliance to Bring out Higher Brilliance!”

Technologies will come and go. But two things about education remain. First. Students must get transformed and they must become valuable. Second, the teachers need to always grow beyond the technologies and devices so that they continue to engage and inspire their students – because they are the “Poorva Roopams” who hold the brilliance to build better “Uttara Roopams”.

Key Modules of i-Max:Acharya. 

Every study proves that Indian teachers have 100% subject-specific knowledge to conduct classes. But most of our teachers need to finetune their ability to engage, excite and inspire a social-media engrossed student community. That is the only way the teachers’ hard-earned subject specific knowledge can reach students. In short, a teacher must be excellent in practicing all the three domains of Bloom’s Taxonomy.

i-Max:Acharya has over 40 proprietary self-learning interactive modules 

  1. Smart Communication through Wit & Wisdom.
  2. Smart English through Success Secrets.
  3. Critical & Creative Thinking for Pedagogical Excellence.
  4. Teachers Speaking Simulator (For over 40 domain specialisations)
  5. Extempore Speaking Simulator.
  6. Formulating & Asking Questions.
  7. 110 Ways to use ChatGPT for an exciting classroom.
  8. Sherlock Holmes Method for Teaching & Learning.
  9. Psychometric tests to understanding your best teaching style.

The Logic Behind i-Max:Acharya. (i-Max:Acharya Evolution over Nine Years)

i-Max:Acharya was in the making for over 9 years. This includes over three years invested to conduct an ethnographic survey across India personally communicating with over 37000 stakeholders. 

Step 1: The above ethnographic survey produced about 100 feedback points about the teaching-and learning processfollowed in the Indian Higher and Technical Education. Upon analysing and synthesising, these 100 points were consolidated to 28 feedback points.

Step 2: Upon root-cause analysis, the above 28 points got deducted to 8 crucial concerns that need to be addressed on urgent basis to help India succeed in the current competitive environment.

Step 3: From the above 6 concerns, i-Max:Acharya researchers have developed three axioms. And, over 40 tools have been developed todeliver these three axioms in the Faculty Development Program.

This is the process behind i-Max:Acharya. For details, please download the e-book.

i-Max: Acharya. Subject Specialisations / Branches

 i-Max:Amulya is available for: 1. Mechanical Engineering, 02. Industrial Engineering, 03. Production Engineering, 04. Mechatronics & Robotics Engineering, 05. Instrumentation & Control Engineering, 06. Electronics Engineering, 07. Electrical & Electronics Engineering, 08. Petrochemical Engineering, 09. Chemical Engineering, 10. Textile Production Engineering,11. Electronics & Telecom Engineering, 12. Bio-Medical Engineering, 13. Mining Engineering, 14. Bio-technology, 15. Metallurgical & Material Science, 16. Science, 17. Civil Engineering, 18. Law, 19. Information Technology, 20. Commerce, 21. Plastics Engineering, 22. Finance Management, 23. Mining Engineering, 24. Cost Accountancy, 25. Architecture & Planning, 26. Hospitality, 27. Electrical Engineering, 28. Human Resources Management, 29. Computer Engineering , 30. Marketing Management, 31. Petroleum Engineering, 32. Financial Management, 33. Polymer Technology, 34. Textile Technology, and many more subject disciplines.

(For details, download the subject-specific brochure on the home page. For any specific information, send emil to i-max@i-max.org)

i-Max: Acharya. India-Specific Innovations

i-Max: Acharya – The World’s First & Only Innovations specific to Indian students:

1. World’s first & only AI-based professional interview & viva-voce simulator for 24 branches of Engineering, Technology, Management & other disciplines- as per AICTE/UGC curriculum
2. World’s first & only blended learning system for engineering/science comprehension & concept generation: Ex: “Smart English through Technology & Science”
3. World’s first & only critical thinking & extempore speaking simulator & trainer
4. World’s largest repository of engineering interview questions in video format – over 200,000 questions!

5. World’s first professional-engineering competency tests based on various levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy
6. World’s first & only professional interview trainer & industry wisdom builder for employability
7. World’s first & only Interactive module to teach students to “Ask relevant questions”
8. World’s first & only customisable test to advise students what to do with their branch of engineering taking account of their unique personality
9. World’s first & only customisable module to convince & inspire students about the value and future potential of their branch of engineering

10. World’s first & only interactive learning module that links wonders of human body with various branches/theories of engineering
11. World’s first & only learning module that explains the key commercial products of each branch of engineering & linking them to theories they learn
12. World’s first & only repository of “classic book summaries” especially crafted for Indian engineering students of various branches.

Learning Theories & Frameworks Deployed

01. Constructivism, 02. Social learning theory, 03. Situated learning theory, 04. Holistic education, 05. Self-directed learning, 06. NAMEPT (Namboothiri’s Anti-Macaulay Educational Progress Template), 07. Mastery learning, 08. Inquiry-based learning, 09. Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD), 10. Multiple Intelligences, 11. Experiential learning, 12. Cognitive apprenticeship, 13. Meta-cognitive strategies, 14. Situated learning theory, 15. Self-determination theory, 16. Constructivist learning theory, 17. Project-based learning.

Download the Brochure for:

  1. Curriculum: Year/semester wise modules of i-Max: Amulya that supports students’ learning and performance in line with OBE. 
  2. i-Max:Acharya Innovations: A list of fourteen genuine India-specific innovations that are essential for Indian students to use their comprehension to apply, analyse, evaluate and create.
  3. Unique Benefits: Never-before benefits the students, teachers, institutions, and society can gain by implementing i-Max:Acharya

i-Max: Acharya. Unique Benefits

1. For institutions.

  1. Excellent financial saving while implementing world class (Ivy-league standard) innovations.
  2. Better ranking and accreditations.
  3. Higher educational outcomes.
  4. Better optimisation of staff-members.
  5. Attracting students with unique facilities.
  6. Pursuing lucrative partnerships.
  7. Enhancing reputation of the institution.
  8. Higher social influence and reputation.

2. For Teachers

  1. Teachers can ensure higher student outcomes while focusing on research.
  2. Teachers get more professional recognition and reputation.
  3. Teachers get more academic freedom, opportunity for innovation.
  4. Teachers gain better operating environments.
  5. Teachers can leverage on their pedagogical preferences and autonomy.

3. For Students

  1. Students are able to gain expertise in easy, engaging and interactive way.
  2. Opportunity to use world-class learning facilities that is available only with world’s top institutions.
  3. Opportunity to gain cutting-edge practical experience that business and industry expects.
  4. Opportunity to gain expertise and skills to succeed in examinations like IELTS, GRE, GMAT, Civil Service etc.
    Better academic achievement with targeted cognitive learning tools.
  5. Better career preparation and job prospects.
  6. Experience Personal development and self-discovery.
  7. Personal fulfillment and enjoyment.
    Ability for better social connections and networking.

4. For Parents

  1. Their children gain better academic success and higher achievements.
  2. Their children get promising future prospects and opportunities.
  3. Their children exhibit overall personal and social development.
  4. Their children build the ability to get quality educational opportunities.
  5. Their children live in a positive learning environment.
    Their children have better career prospects as they are highly employable.
  6. Personal satisfaction and pride.

i-Max: Acharya. Procurement, Installation & Campus-wide Implementation

Procurement, Installation & Implementation.

  1. i-Max:Amulya can be procured from GeM portal, or directly from the company (Espoir Technologies Private Limited). For assistance, call +91-9673670033, or email: i-max@i-max.org
  2. Installation will be done by the i-Max executives. Training will be provided.
  3. For implementation, detailed training will be provided.