i-Max: India to the Max! AI-based, Holistic Educational Revolution- in Line with OBE & NEP2020!

Why i-Max: India to the Max! for Education?

India, a country inheriting the legacy of one of the world’s most ancient civilizations, has shown the world new dimensions of higher education through universities like Nalanda and Takshashila. Even today, our youth possess that same zeal, courage, and capability that sets us apart on a global stage. We at i-Max: India to the Max! firmly believe that India’s future lies in higher and technical education. i-Max has the following objectives:

  1. To sensitize Indian youth to the necessities, importance, and potentials of higher and technical education so that they can elevate India to new heights.
  2. To instill the best practices of Ancient Indian Educational System through the blend of modern learning theories like constructivism, and advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence – and to make our youth valuable.
  3. To provide students, faculty members and research scholars with the appropriate India-specific tools to meet those objectives. We deploy NAMPET,  i-Max platforms, and Workshops to meet that objective.

Over nine years, patriotic Indian researchers from all over the world contributed to development of these tools for the sustainable development.

i-Max: India to the Max! Key Constituents:


A. AI-Based Interactive Platforms:

  1. i-Max: Amulya Platform: It consists of over 100 specially curated learning modules for Indian students. It is an essential part of technical & higher education helping students from induction to placement.
  2. i-Max:Acharya Platform:  It is an India-specific faculty development platform that inculcating teachers with what is missing in the Indian system and what is expected to meet the challenges of emerging realities.
  3. i-Max:Samvardhana Platform:  Why the intelligence of Indian youth is not translated into sustainable start-ups? This platform builds what is missing in the system.

B. Hands-On Workshops With AI:

  1. 100+ Smart Ways to Use ChatGPT for an Exciting Classroom: is designed to equip the teacher with all abilities that an uncertain world ask for. Because, A “Smart Class” is the Class where the Teacher is Smart!
  2. Artificial Intelligence for High-Impact Research: is designed to equip the teacher with all abilities that an uncertain world ask for. Because, A “Smart Class” is the Class where the Teacher is Smart!
  3. ChatGPT for Outcome-based Inter-disciplinary Studies & Research: is designed to equip the teacher with all abilities that an uncertain world ask for. Because, A “Smart Class” is the Class where the Teacher is Smart!

Learning Theories & Frameworks Deployed

01. Constructivism, 02. Social learning theory, 03. Situated learning theory, 04. Holistic education, 05. Self-directed learning, 06. NAMEPT (Namboothiri’s Anti-Macaulay Educational Progress Template), 07. Mastery learning, 08. Inquiry-based learning, 09. Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD), 10. Multiple Intelligences, 11. Experiential learning, 12. Cognitive apprenticeship, 13. Meta-cognitive strategies, 14. Situated learning theory, 15. Self-determination theory, 16. Constructivist learning theory, 17. Project-based learning.

i-Max: India to the Max. Unique Benefits

1. For institutions.

  1. Excellent financial saving while implementing world class (Ivy-league standard) innovations.
  2. Better ranking and accreditations.
  3. Higher educational outcomes.
  4. Better optimisation of staff-members.
  5. Attracting students with unique facilities.
  6. Pursuing lucrative partnerships.
  7. Enhancing reputation of the institution.
  8. Higher social influence and reputation.

2. For Teachers

  1. Teachers can ensure higher student outcomes while focusing on research.
  2. Teachers get more professional recognition and reputation.
  3. Teachers get more academic freedom, opportunity for innovation.
  4. Teachers gain better operating environments.
  5. Teachers can leverage on their pedagogical preferences and autonomy.

3. For Students

  1. Students are able to gain expertise in easy, engaging and interactive way.
  2. Opportunity to use world-class learning facilities that is available only with world’s top institutions.
  3. Opportunity to gain cutting-edge practical experience that business and industry expects.
  4. Opportunity to gain expertise and skills to succeed in examinations like IELTS, GRE, GMAT, Civil Service etc.
    Better academic achievement with targeted cognitive learning tools.
  5. Better career preparation and job prospects.
  6. Experience Personal development and self-discovery.
  7. Personal fulfillment and enjoyment.
    Ability for better social connections and networking.

4. For Parents

  1. Their children gain better academic success and higher achievements.
  2. Their children get promising future prospects and opportunities.
  3. Their children exhibit overall personal and social development.
  4. Their children build the ability to get quality educational opportunities.
  5. Their children live in a positive learning environment.
    Their children have better career prospects as they are highly employable.
  6. Personal satisfaction and pride.

i-Max: India to the Max. Procurement, Installation & Campus-wide Implementation

Procurement, Installation & Implementation.

  1. i-Max:Amulya can be procured from GeM portal, or directly from the company (Espoir Technologies Private Limited). For assistance, call +91-9673670033, or email: i-max@i-max.org
  2. Installation will be done by the i-Max executives. Training will be provided.
  3. For implementation, detailed training will be provided.