Supplementary & Finishing School for Engineering Institutions

i-Max engages and inspires engineering students, and make them valuableto themselves, to their families, to the industry, to society, and to the country. To ensure this, i-Max deploys the latest in learning theories & advanced technologies

It's High Time to Meet HigherExpectations

For Students

With i-Max, students build learnability and employability. They take pride in their branch of engineering, gain transversal competencies, and experience self-worth. They are ready to face the challenges of the post-Covid, AI-infested job market.

For Teachers & Institutions

With i-Max, teachers’ good efforts start showing great results. Students realise their potential, build hope, and take the onus of learning. Teachers are seen as star makers. Institutions gain better ranking & reputation – also greater economic value.

For Parents

With i-Max, parents realise that their children gain “true” graduate attributes – not just become graduates. Transformation is visible. Parents thank the teachers and institutions because they live up to the trust parents had placed upon them.

For the Industry & Business

With i-Max, they get “ready-to-contribute” professionals who are well aware of the concepts of quality, cost and delivery – the lifeline of professional engineering. Students are ready to take responsibility and demonstrate customer focus.

World’s First & Only

AI-based Professional Interview/Viva-voce Simulator – for 24 branches of engineering. Plus! Spoken English Simulator.

World’s First & Only

Engineering Hope Builder & Goal Setter. Personalised career reports based on the students’ aptitudes & the branch of engineering.

World’s First & Only

Interactive blended learning: “Smart English through Technology & Science” – for higher levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy.

World’s First & Only

Interactive Professional Interview Trainer & Industry Wisdom builder. Thousands of questions, best responses, Guide’s advice…

i-Max: World's No.1 Platformfor Learnability & Employability - for Indian Engineering Students.

Indian students come from unique backgrounds. Their learning-related needs are very different from their western counterparts. Therefore, it is crucial to adopt India-specific innovations and approaches for them to sustain and excel.

i-Max is proud of about 12 World’s first & only features developed especially for Indian students.

OBE & Graduate Attributes Depend on Higher Order Thinking

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein


Comprehend Engineering Concepts: Over 20 learning Modules.

Apply Theorems in New Ways: Over 20 Learning Modules.


Analyse Structure & Purposes: Over 25 Learning Modules.


Evaluate, Judge & Decide: Over 30 Learning Modules.


Create a New Functional Whole: Over 30 Learning Modules.


i-Max: It's Timely

There is a battle for supremacy in every students’ mind – between Engineering lessons and WhatsApp / Instagram. The lessons must beat social media apps in providing value, hope & excitement. i-Max realises that.



Deep Customization

One size doesn’t fit all – especially in education. i-Max programs are personalisable so that they are effective, efficient and fun.


Unique Learning Methodologies

Students quickly identify old, failed methods and refuse to try them again. i-Max is an original innovation that engages and inspires them.


Qualitative Analysis

Everything cannot be counted or measured. Most crucial decisions are taken based on qualitative analysis, not quantitative.


Smart Training Technologies

i-Max is designed to impart transformative experience along with academics. It requires innovative technologies and i-Max is the first to adopt them.


Orientation & Inspiration


Instilling Industry Wisdom


All - Under One Roof

Institutions can have full control over all extra-academic functions they need to do – right from the orientation of new students to the training for employability – tests and job interviews – All available to them 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.

Motivation & Self-Regulation


Mock Interviews & Tests


Innovation & Start-Up Training


24 Branches of Engineering

i-Max is beneficial to the entire spectrum of engineering discipline – and it is growing. In case a newly configured, cross-functional discipline is not available in this list, various modules can be joined together to create one. It’s flexible.

Own Your Future


Workbook for Second & Third Year Students


Own Your Future


Workbook for First-Year Students


Handy Companion Books

There is a lot of life off-screen. A pencil, a questionnaire and a workbook can build the cognitive, affective and psychomotor skills envisaged in Bloom’s Taxonomy. These books are customisable to institutional needs.


Own Your Future


Workbook for Final Year Students


Build Your Future

Workbook for Start-up & Entrepreneurship


Communication Companion


The language Proficiency to build 21st-century skills


Why Do We Contribute to i-Max?

Engineering is a professional discipline. However, in India, it is treated as a research-oriented academic discipline. No wonder, the students who come out of such a system will never have the professional concepts of cost, quality and delivery. Without that they can’t perform the core engineering function – problem identifying and solving. I contribute to i-Max because I want to do whatever I can about this for my country. If I don’t do, who will do?


Infosys Technologies


For the past eighteen years, I am part of the engineer’s selection process. It is shocking that most graduates don’t have a deep interest in even one of the subjects they study during engineering. Out of about fifty subjects, they study for four years, they could not find even one subject interesting! They can’t commit to and become specialist even in one subject! Then, how can they add value, or expect others to value them? I contribute to i-Max because it is the only movement I see in this direction to save our country.


Tata Motors

I own a small-scale industry. Our engineering education system ditches small / medium industries even though we employ almost 98% of engineering graduates. Do we have the money power to infinitely train engineers, or try various engineers, or try luck with engineers? The salary we pay is squeezed out of our blood. We need engineers who do the work from day one – without supervision.  Now, each engineering graduate makes me sad and frustrated. We must change this – for the country’s sake. Therefore I contribute to i-Max.


Pithampur, Dhar, Madhya Pradesh


i-Max: India to the Max! The future of India lies in its ability for self-sustenance. Self-sustenance can’t happen by exporting raw materials and importing finished goods. It happens only when Indians conceive and develop finished products in India. i-Max is a movement to strengthen the concept of real engineering in the Indian engineering educational System – by working at its fundamentals.


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