i-Max:Samvardhana – Building the Most-Crucial Ingredient that is Lacking in the Start-Up Eco-System: New Ideas!

Why i-Max: Samvardhana?

i-Max: Samvardhana is for cultivating graduates, who have passion for start-up and entrepreneurship – and for meeting the expectations of parents, industry, society and the country – by employing modern learning theories and advanced technologies.

It is a supplementary skill-building platform. It runs parallel to the academics – without direct faculty intervention.  It helps the institutions shut-off criticism about the skill-gap because i-Max: Samvardhana offers all current, and future skills and abilities that industry and society speak about. 

i-Max: Samvardhana engages students from the first day of the first year, and continues to inspire and motivate students till the final day of the final year! It generates interest and creates passion, builds the pre-requisites to grow through the higher levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy – and makes them life-long learners.

How is i-Max: Samvardhana Delivered?

i-Max: Samvardhana is the result of a pan-India ethnographic survey (personally collecting feedback from over 37,000 stakeholders), and detailed analysis and research on what goes right and what goes wrong in Indian higher and technical education to nurture entrepreneurship. 

i-Max: Samvardhana is the strategic stitching together of over 100 proprietary modules specifically created for Indian students – by keeping the research findings in mind – by a team of 158 cutting-edge professionals.

Therefore, i-Max: Samvardhana is unique and priceless. It is divine or it is a blessing for the Indian students to face an uncertain future. It carries the knowledge, insights and wisdom – that is not easily available to students of Indian campuses – in an engaging, inspiring and interactive way, through campus wide WI-Fi!

What Does Exactly i-Max: Samvardhana Do?

i-Max:Samvardhana is everything for a smart student in the campus! On auto-pilot, it builds learnability, research abilities, employability, and applied graduate attributes and most importantly the cognitive rigour for start-up & entrepreneurship! 

When the student starts the journey, i-Max:Samvardhana provides the genuine induction to the field in an engaging, inspiring way. What is your subject-discipline? Why is it important? What is its past, it future? How can you benefit from the subject? and many more. 

During the first year, i-Max:Samvardhana builds the language and the literacy to develop insight in the subject. This develops pride and self-esteem. It helps students to identify their learning style and advise them on how to learn their subject smart way. Similarly, it builds all key skills that are needed for the next years.

During the second year, i-Max:Samvardhana helps students imbibe Critical & Creative Thinking. Besides this, students are exposed to over 12 proprietary programs including an AI-based Viva-Voce Simulator!

Similarly for third, fourth years, i-Max:Samvardhana offers all academic-industry interactive  programs for learnability, employability, start-up/entrepreneurship, graduate attributes etc. For details, please download the brochure.

i-Max: Samvardhana. Subject Specialisations / Branches

 i-Max: Amulya is available for: Inter-disciplinary product/process development, and other key disciplines like: 1. Mechanical Engineering, 02. Industrial Engineering, 03. Production Engineering, 04. Mechatronics & Robotics Engineering, 05. Instrumentation & Control Engineering, 06. Electronics Engineering, 07. Electrical & Electronics Engineering, 08. Petrochemical Engineering, 09. Chemical Engineering, 10. Textile Production Engineering,11. Electronics & Telecom Engineering, 12. Bio-Medical Engineering, 13. Mining Engineering, 14. Bio-technology, 15. Metallurgical & Material Science, 16. Science, 17. Civil Engineering, 18. Law, 19. Information Technology, 20. Commerce, 21. Plastics Engineering, 22. Finance Management, 23. Mining Engineering, 24. Cost Accountancy, 25. Architecture & Planning, 26. Hospitality, 27. Electrical Engineering, 28. Human Resources Management, 29. Computer Engineering , 30. Marketing Management, 31. Petroleum Engineering, 32. Financial Management, 33. Polymer Technology, 34. Textile Technology, and many more subject disciplines.

(For details, download the subject-specific brochure on the home page. For any specific information, send email to i-max@i-max.org)

i-Max: Samvardhana. India-Specific Innovations

i-Max: Samvardhana – The World’s First & Only Innovations specific to Indian students:

1. World’s first & only AI-based professional interview & viva-voce simulator for 24 branches of Engineering, Technology, Management & other disciplines- as per AICTE/UGC curriculum
2. World’s first & only blended learning system for engineering/science comprehension & concept generation: Ex: “Smart English through Technology & Science”
3. World’s first & only critical thinking & extempore speaking simulator & trainer
4. World’s largest repository of engineering interview questions in video format – over 200,000 questions!

5. World’s first professional-engineering competency tests based on various levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy
6. World’s first & only professional interview trainer & industry wisdom builder for employability
7. World’s first & only Interactive module to teach students to “Ask relevant questions”
8. World’s first & only customisable test to advise students what to do with their branch of engineering taking account of their unique personality
9. World’s first & only customisable module to convince & inspire students about the value and future potential of their branch of engineering

10. World’s first & only interactive learning module that links wonders of human body with various branches/theories of engineering
11. World’s first & only learning module that explains the key commercial products of each branch of engineering & linking them to theories they learn
12. World’s first & only repository of “classic book summaries” especially crafted for Indian engineering students of various branches.

Learning Theories & Frameworks Deployed

01. Constructivism, 02. Social learning theory, 03. Situated learning theory, 04. Holistic education, 05. Self-directed learning, 06. NAMPET (Namboothiri’s Anti-Macaulay Progressive Educational Template), 07. Mastery learning, 08. Inquiry-based learning, 09. Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD), 10. Multiple Intelligences, 11. Experiential learning, 12. Cognitive apprenticeship, 13. Meta-cognitive strategies, 14. Situated learning theory, 15. Self-determination theory, 16. Constructivist learning theory, 17. Project-based learning.

Download the Brochure for:

  1. Curriculum: Year/semester wise modules of i-Max: Samvardhana that supports students’ learning and performance in line with OBE. 
  2. i-Max: Samvardhana Innovations: A list of fourteen genuine India-specific innovations that are essential for Indian students to use their comprehension to apply, analyse, evaluate and create.
  3. Unique Benefits: Never-before benefits the students, teachers, institutions, and society can gain by implementing i-Max:Samvardhana

i-Max: Samvardhana. Unique Benefits

1. For institutions.

  1. Excellent financial saving while implementing world class (Ivy-league standard) innovations.
  2. Better ranking and accreditations.
  3. Higher educational outcomes.
  4. Better optimisation of staff-members.
  5. Attracting students with unique facilities.
  6. Pursuing lucrative partnerships.
  7. Enhancing reputation of the institution.
  8. Higher social influence and reputation.

2. For Teachers

  1. Teachers can ensure higher student outcomes while focusing on research.
  2. Teachers get more professional recognition and reputation.
  3. Teachers get more academic freedom, opportunity for innovation.
  4. Teachers gain better operating environments.
  5. Teachers can leverage on their pedagogical preferences and autonomy.

3. For Students

  1. Students are able to gain expertise in easy, engaging and interactive way.
  2. Opportunity to use world-class learning facilities that is available only with world’s top institutions.
  3. Opportunity to gain cutting-edge practical experience that business and industry expects.
  4. Opportunity to gain expertise and skills to succeed in examinations like IELTS, GRE, GMAT, Civil Service etc.
    Better academic achievement with targeted cognitive learning tools.
  5. Better career preparation and job prospects.
  6. Experience Personal development and self-discovery.
  7. Personal fulfillment and enjoyment.
    Ability for better social connections and networking.

4. For Parents

  1. Their children gain better academic success and higher achievements.
  2. Their children get promising future prospects and opportunities.
  3. Their children exhibit overall personal and social development.
  4. Their children build the ability to get quality educational opportunities.
  5. Their children live in a positive learning environment.
    Their children have better career prospects as they are highly employable.
  6. Personal satisfaction and pride.

i-Max: Amulya. Procurement, Installation & Campus-wide Implementation

Procurement, Installation & Implementation.

  1. i-Max:Amulya can be procured from GeM portal, or directly from the company (Espoir Technologies Private Limited). For assistance, call +91-9673670033, or email: i-max@i-max.org
  2. Installation will be done by the i-Max executives. Training will be provided.
  3. For implementation, detailed training will be provided.