i-Max on GeM

Interview / Viva lab: The Placement-Specific Version of i-Max Platform.

Interview/Viva Lab is a strip down version of i-Max Platform for the institutions looking ONLY for high-quality placement training. 

For details, visit www.InterviewMax.com

Click the Button for Procuring Interview/Viva Lab from GeM (Government e-Marketplace.)

Interview/Viva Lab Contains:
1. Professional Interview Simulator for the respective specialisation (For example: Computer Science.)
2. Professional Interview Trainer.
3. Smart English through Technology & Science, or Smart Communication through Management Ideas, or Smart Communication through Wit & Wisdom.
4. Extempore Speaking (Professional Communication) Simulator.
5. Subjectwise Competency Tests.
6. Employability Tests.
7. Interactive Practice Sessions… And More
For details, visit www.InterviewMax.com 

i-Max Platform for NEP 2020: The Only Holistic Solution for Qualitative Improvement for Higher Education.

i-Max platform consists of all aspects specified by the New Educational Policy 2020. For details, download the brochure by clicking the button of your specialisation.

i-Max NEP 2020: Click the Button to Procure it from GeM (Government e-Marketplace.)

For details, download the brochure from the home page. www.i-max.org